Friday, March 13, 2009

A Beautiful Oregon Day at Front Street Photo

Yes I have so much Front Street Photo work to do today and I am doing my best to stay focused, but the day with it's freah air and warm sun is calling me outside. The yard is beginning to green up again and if you look close you can see little spring buds here and there. I know that if I go outside, Oregon photography will not be my main focus. Instead, I will probably pick up a shovel or a saw and start prepping our yard for spring.
If you've never come for a visit, I hope you will plan on doing so soon. Whether it is for senior portraits, or family photography, Front Street Photo is such a little garden of Eden for us. We even have an apple tree!
Back later when I have more exciting news to share, and in the mean time, keep watching for our new updated website at

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