Saturday, March 14, 2009

Rainy Day Remembrances Oregon Photography Style

Well, when our family announced in 1984 that we were moving to Oregon, all our California friends told us "It rains there ALL the time!" I almost believed them, but I knew it snowed some too....and don't forget the fog!

This afternoon I worked on family portraits for the Daniels family whose son Caleb came here to Front Street Photo for his senior portraits. We had a blast, not only because Caleb is a great kid, but because at the end of his session all his siblings joined mom and dad; Kimberly and Ken for a family portrait. We shot some in the backyard and then moved to the fromt yard. I am attaching one of the photos they selected. I like it because it shows a true family "togetherness" and the obvious love that Kimberly and Ken share. I asked him to give her a hug, and there was no hesitation whatsoever. :-)
I hope we'll see your whole family here in Hubbard Oregon for family photos very soon. Till then, have a look at our new website today: for more great family portraits.

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