Monday, March 23, 2009

Photography and Faith

Ya know there sure are a lot of things to believe in nowadays. I suppose it's always been that way. You look back a hundred years ago and laugh a little at the things they believed in. For one, they didn't yet believe in the horseless carriage! The roads were rutted and muddy and while riding to town in your horse-drawn buggy, you might pass as many automobiles then as you would someone riding a tricycle today. Even 20 years ago, nobody believed in cell phones, yet how many people can walk 10 feet without one now? (me :-)
But no matter how times and society changes, certain things remain true for centuries upon centuries, and now I want to say a few things about faith. If you are one of those people who recoil from the discussion of God and the things of faith, then I ask you to check out now. No, better that you listen! For beyond cell phones, cameras, cell-phone cameras, politics, and the latest automobiles, there is one topic that you should place above all others; that of your belief in God. More specifically, what does He mean to YOU, and what do YOU mean to Him?

Think about that until I return to talk a little more. Till then, here's a photo I took that gives me just an inkling of what God is like and part of the answer to the latter part of that previous question.


  1. Aloha my friend, welcome to blogging and what a great start you are off to. Sorry to hear about the passing of your Mom, glad you have those great photos to help remember her by. Our love and blessings to you and Pam.

  2. Thanks Jack. I appreciate your note. Hey, we are planning a trip to your little island soon. I'll drop you a line as soon as we have details. Andy